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Whittier Woods Park

7400 Whittier Blvd, Bethesda, MD. Behind the Whittier Woods Center and adjacent to Walt Whitman High School. (map)

This park and the school it was attached to was torn down in 2020 to make way for an expansion of Walt Whitman High School.

This small neighborhood park has a playground, tennis courts, and a ball field.

This park is easy to miss. It is nestled right up to Walt Whitman High School, but the entrance is the parking lot to the Whittier Woods Center. The boundaries are also a little ambiguous. There is a soccer field right next to the ball field, but I think the soccer pitch goes with the high school. The good news is that on weekends you should be able to use the High school facilities which include many more tennis courts, basketball courts, and a nice running track.

The playground is ok, clearly not as good as some of the parks in the area. It is geared towards younger kids. There are two baby swings there, but no standard sized swings! The most interesting feature there is this little merry-go-round with three seats that you can put your kid on and push them around. There are some narrow evergreen trees that visually screen the high school from view, but the mulch covered playground area will be sunny most of the time.

Whittier Woods Center used to be an elementary school and it still looks like a 1960's era school.

Detailed park inventory

Playground Equipment

Baby Swings2good
Standard Swings0The fact that they have no normal sized swings is worth noting.
Straight slides2good
Spiral slides1good
Climbing apparatus1good
Monkey Bars1ok
merry-go-round1goodDifferent than most of the parks around here, Three seats you can sit on.
Bridges1goodAn intentionally wobbly one to practice balancing on.


Picnic Tables1good
Water Fountains2good


GrassyesokNot very much of it.
TreesyesokTrees at one edge of the park.
ShadeyesokNot much shade

Sports and Fitness

Baseball diamonds1good
Tennis courts2goodThe county website claims these are lighted, but I didn't notice any lights.


ParkingyesgoodParking lot shared with the Whittier Woods center.

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Picture of the Park Entrance

Park entrance
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Picture of the Water Fountain and swings

Water Fountain and swings
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Picture of the Playground area

Playground area
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Picture of the Playground equipment

Playground equipment
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Picture of the Tennis Courts

Tennis Courts
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Picture of the Ball field

Ball field
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