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Meadowbrook Park

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7901 Meadowbrook Lane, Chevy Chase, MD. Off of East-West Highway. Also access from Beach Drive. (map)

This large area park has a playground, a picnic area, tennis courts, basketball courts, and many ball fields. The park gets crowded on weekends and even though there is a lot of parking, it can all be full.

This is a large park with a good sized mulch-cushioned playground. The playground is mostly sunny and has 9 slides! It also has swings, several climbing structures, bridges, teeter-totters and more. The playground is called "Candy Cane City" but all the climbing stuff is painted red and green. I imagine in the past it was red and white striped, but I don't know that for sure.

There are four tennis courts. They have lights and you can use them until 11pm. There are also a lot of ballfields (Baseball and soccer), some of which are lighted. The park is on both sides of Rock Creek, the fields on the other side of the creek can be accessed via Beach Drive (and there is more parking there). Several foot bridges connect the two parts of the park so you can easily go between the two sides. The ballfields are used on weekends by sports leagues, you can reserve them if they are available.

The community center and ball fields are available for rental through the Facility Reservation Request Center. Typical of government sites, they don't make it easy.

Detailed park inventory

Playground Equipment

Baby Swings2good
Standard Swings4good
Straight slides3good
Spiral slides1good
Covered slides3goodThree covered slides, imagine that
Bumpy slides2goodA double slide
Monkey Bars1good
Climbing Structures2good
Things to bounce on1goodA circle that 4 people can stand on and jump up and down..
Bridges2goodOne is intentionally wobbly.
Tunnels1goodConnecting two parts of the play structure.


Benches10+goodScattered around the park
Picnic Tables10+goodHalf of them are under the pavilion
Grills2okNext to the pavilion


GrassyesgoodMost of it is on the ballfields, but there is some other places.
TreesyesgoodAround the edges of the park and shading Rock Creek
SunyesgoodThe ballfields and the playground is in the sun
Shadeyesokshading some of the picnic tables and Rock Creek
StreamsyesgoodRock Creek runs through the park, it is a good-sized stream

Sports and Fitness

Baseball/Softball fields6good
Soccer pitches3good
Tennis courts4goodLighted until 11pm
Tennis practice walls2goodIn the tennis court area
Basketball Courts2good
TrailslgoodThe paved Rock Creek trails runs the length of the park. There is also access to several miles of unpaved trails.


BathroomsyesAlways locked
Parking lotyesgoodFills up on weekends
Trash cansyes

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