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Cheltenham Park

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4723 Cheltenham Drive, Bethesda, MD. One block of Wisconsin Ave (Rt 355) in downtown Bethesda, near Chevy Chase Chevyland. (map)

This small urban park has a playground, picnic tables, and a pergola.

The park itself is a corner lot, it is pretty small. The playground is small, with several slides, a spring-mounted boat to bounce on, and a small merry-go-round you can stand on. The play area is mostly shaded. Just one block away is another small park Chase Avenue Park that is really the 'other half' of this park, the play area there has swings and other things that are missing from this park.

There are also 4 picnic tables, each with four seats. They are either under the pergola or under the trees.

Detailed park inventory

Playground Equipment

Curved slides1good
Spiral slides1good
Bumpy slides1good
merry-go-round1okSmall, only enough to stand on
Things to bounce on1goodA boat.
Bridges1goodAn intentionally wobbly one to practice balancing on.
Tunnels1goodConnecting two parts of the play structure.


Picnic Tables4goodSmall 4 person tables with seats
Pergola1goodOver a concrete walkway


GrassyespoorMostly shaded, so the grass isn't growing well.
SunyespoorTrees cover most of the park.


Parking lotyesThere is a parking garage across the street.
Trash cansyes

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Chase Avenue Park is one block away on Tilbury St

Park entrance
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Bouncy boat and play equipment
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Spinner and spiral slide
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Picnic tables and trees
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